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Designing Custom Cabinets should not be a Drag and Drop process.  At C&L we know that designing cabinets takes a bit of imagination.

Designing a masterpiece can not come from a book. Learning how to design correctly is taught, but learning what to design is not!

Having design successfully over twenty-three thousand projects we have found a way to make each different. Example; there’s only so many ways you can custom design for a 5×8 home alcove, or is there? If you look deep into our pictures you’ll one thing, imagination. And that’s what makes use different, we’re not afraid to present a design different from all the rest.

C&L holds the distinct honor of having more designs Copied than you’d believe. More than Twenty-Three thousand of our designs have gone from the computer, to the fabricator, to a client’s home, so after that amount of success stories, well, you see why.

We continue to hold a Five-Star Degree with our clients, and when those industry-wide find out C&L is in contention for the project, well, the bar just got raised!

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Designing is our profession, so you'd better be great if you want to make almost 2 decades in business.                                                         We make sure that you never have to wonder what the finished product will look like