I’d like you to look at these next two pictures, the first is from a custom builder that is no more, the second is from a builder that is no more with a little help from C and L (custom built base with color and door match). Our previous client (from last November) really had nowhere to turn when his old TV final bit it! He had 2 choices, build an entire new custom unit for around $7000 or buy a ready made one from Levitz, or maybe Wicks (sorry they’re both out of business too.), well you get my point. But wait,,,,,,, maybe there was a 3rd option,” I’ll call Craig, C and L did a great job the 1st time”, and he did.
Unfortunately we won’t do this for all but previous clients that have trusted us with their projects are never are forgotten here.
See how many company’s *you* can call that you’ve spent $$$ thousands of dollars with that remember you, remember your street, remember your dog, remember your project, well we do and sometimes we can show by saying sure, we’ll help you out!

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