Common sense has finally come home.


It seems like a no-brainer, but working with an employer remotely can take some everyday things away that we get use to.

Let’s see some of what it does take away;

  • freeway overcrowding.
  • morning road rage.
  • the spilling of morning coffee onto your clothes due to sudden stops on your way to work.
  • Finding a quick solution to a child staying home due to illness.
  • Leaving that package from amazon on your front porch all day.

From what we can see, taking away these items makes for a happier and more productive employee, don’t you think?

But now that this employee does not come into the workplace daily, well, that can cause certain issues:

  • That little desk in the kitchen will never be enough space to work from. 
  • My desk will never hold that double computer monitor the one in the company office did.
  • I had a slotted cabinet for sorting that I don’t anymore.
  • What will I do without that tasty chimichanga I had for lunch from the little Mexican restaurant a block from the company office?

Well, we can’t help with the chimichanga, but we can help with everything else on your list of concerns.

Remote Work Center

C&L’s “Future Office Now” remote work center is custom designed to fit the needs of those who work from home. 

We work with you and partnering company to design a work center that fits the needs of a specific job. 

Custom design with our expert designer to engineer an office that is job functional, space functional, and budget functional.

All “future office now” designed work centers are available for shipping inside the U.S.

Call for more information, now! 

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Common sense has finally come home.