C&L Designs Custom Home Bars

It’s early Saturday evening in Southern California and the freeways are packed.  You and the Mrs. are wondering, “what should we do tonight?”. Well maybe if you were the Jones’, and not just keeping up with them, you’d be hosting an evening with friends at your own Home Bar. But alas, custom home bars and game rooms are reserved for the lifestyles of the rich and famous, right? Well, maybe not!

With C&L, a completely custom Home Entertainment Bar does not need to cost a small fortune, even though it will look like it did. But we can keep it our little secret! We have already designed hundreds of home bars for rooms and niches in Southern California community homes. Actually, quite a few of those have been for local law enforcement families.

5-Star Reviews

C&L is still on the first page of a local Google search for “Custom Home Bar in Southern California” and we believe that this is a direct result of our 5-Star reviews and testimonials. Our customers expect excellence!!! It’s our motto and we do our best to deliver an excellent experience every step of the way.

Featured here is a Custom Home Bar addition for a client in Eastvale California. After the TV installation, some well thought out liquor bottle and glassware placement, and maybe an array of light and dark beer for the Kegerator, our newest bar client is open for business.

So, go right ahead and order that Foosball table, pool table, and old Vegas retired slot machine you’ve always wanted. Okay, go ahead and get ’em all, then call C&L to design, build, and install the custom bar you’ve only dreamed could be yours. And who knows, Robin Leach may be coming to your door one day looking for the “Lifestyles of those who appear to be Rich and Famous”! But again, our little secret.

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