Do what right?    Do what again?


Maybe the customer required a bit more pampering, a bit more assurance, a bit more of my time.

So, if you do it right you’ll do it again!

When I return to a customer three or four times, they know me, and I know them. You apparently did a good job in the past, good enough for that customer to think of you first for a new project of theirs. I have made my reputation on this being available. When my clients tell me about other contractors they’ve had that didn’t show,  didn’t complete the work when it was to be completed, even ask from more money along the line, it really makes me wonder.

I have no idea how many homes I have been in and how many new and repeat clients have trusted me with their projects, whether they acted on “Happy Days“,  they let me hold there” Jackie Robinson National League Rookie of the Year Award” in my hand, whether they were a neighbor right across the street or a call just to see if custom was right way for them, I have made sure you never have to wonder when I’ll get back to you. In my book, ASAP is in from of every message!

My inspiration to  put this in to words was yesterday August 2nd, the Granddaughter of a Los Angeles sports broadcast icon had me back for a 3rd project. She knew what to expect from me, she knew our pricing would be fair, the project designing would be professional and quality of the finish product would make her as happy as the other times. Her Wine and entertainment center looked like it did in 2011. Even her puppy posed for a picture!

Having a repeat or referred client base of 85% of the time makes me think, I must be doing something right!IMG_3217

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