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Why is a custom home bar the only choice?

Home bar cabinetry is not like kitchen cabinetry. A true home bar has no prefabricated cabinets. A kitchen normally has a “footprint”, which is a predetermined area for a cabinet, and over 95% of all kitchens have prefab cabinets. (or, already built and boxed in a warehouse.) A home bar can be designed for any area of a home, and this is why prefab cabinets should never be used, only custom cabinetry.

To start, a home bar should be different heights.

Each height serves a purpose.

First is the prep, or preparation area of a bar. This area needs to be three feet high. The prep area is where all the work is done. Drink blending, fruit/vegetable cutting, drink mixing, and any task that goes into preparing a drink, snack, or meal for a guest.

36″, or three feet is also needed to accommodate most under-counter appliances. A Wine cooler, beverage center, and ice maker are just some of the appliance’s that clients need in a working bar.

Having a real custom home bar is considered a home improvement. And of course, these custom items bring the home more value.

C&L Design Specialists is very high ranking nationwide in custom home bar building and designing. In fact, from most anywhere in the U.S. if you Google, “custom home bar”, you’ll usually find us on the first page, if not, many times C&L will be the first “non-advertising” company that a Google search brings up. Why, because not to long ago we were designing and building on average twenty-eight custom home bars per year, with a high in the year 2017 of thirty-five.

Now on to the second height.

The serving bar.

This is the area of a custom home bar where your guests enjoy your bar’s professional feel. In other words, this is where the fun starts!

42″, or three feet six inches is the proper height for the serving bar. Having the serving bar at this height enables you to hand a drink to a guest with a straight forward motion. No bending or stretching. Also, most bar chairs or stools are designed to function at this height. It is a little further to the ground if a guest falls off a bar stool, but we have no doubt that you’ll be a responsable host and know when to say when, just in case your guest doesn’t.

If you go to the top of C&L’s home page, click on our bar pictures and you’ll see why Google ranks us number one!

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Now, C&L’s custom home bars are considered a Mercedes, or BMW, or Roll Royce in quality for this industry. (whichever is you car of choice.)

We do not skimp on any material, hardware, paint, or stain that goes into making a C&L Design Specialist “Completely Custom Home Bar” the best in this industry, Bar None!

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