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C&L has never limited our travel. We designed, built, and installed custom cabinetry in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and as far as Indio in Riverside County. It’s really hard to say no to a client just because they don’t fit inside your travel area, and C&L has never done that.  When you’re going on twenty years in this industry you have many clients that have moved, and because those clients enjoyed the quality and customer service they’ve received from C&L they want us back. A few years back, a client from Chino moved to Thousand Oaks. As C&L produces a home improvement, it normally stays with the home it added value to.  So, when the client arrived in Thousand Oaks, we received the call. Without thinking, we designed their new office with them supplying the initial dimensions. And then when they wanted place the order, we needed to go out to their home and measure. 124 miles one-way, wow!  When this was realized, I let the client know that there would be a destination charge to cover the cost of a 248-mile roundtrip, then they told us, they hard figured there would be but since they knew that by going with us again, they’d receive the same high quality product and service that C&L  had delivered in the past it was a no-brainer!

If a client is loyal enough to return, we’re loyal enough to travel!

Here’s their office!

Custom home office book shelves