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That doesn’t make sense, Advertising versus Quality are two completely different things.

But when it comes to a Google Search Page it absolutely does.

Google is not in the business of critiquing a company’s quality, they’re in the business of helping the searcher find what they are looking for.

But even more than that, they are in the business of making money.

So, Google rewards those companies that dish out a healthy sum of money to advertise their product by giving them the best spot on the Google page, but they also put the word “Sponsored” above that company’s name or the abbreviation “AD” in front of the advertising company’s name.

But when the average consumer Googles what they’re looking for, they see what they’re directed to see, and that’s what the advertising company is banking on happening.

Now that we’ve made it past the advertising company, what happens to the company that doesn’t have a *Thirty Thousand* dollar a week advertising budget?

Good news, they’re still there, but just a little further down from the eye-level grocery shelf we’re all used to seeing first.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many Google search engine users that are aware of this, and automatically head down from the advertiser section to find companies that will more likely be better suited for their needs.

Now let’s address the *Versus Quality* of the statement.

When a company advertises their product they do so for many reasons, but the one I’d like to address here is, the fact they are advertising their product in hopes that you won’t see that just a little further down the page you can get a better quality than they are offering, and in most cases, for *the same or less than their price*!

The reason for this consumer education is because of a call from a client today, a client that this exact thing happened to just recently.

The family is doing a renovation on their downstairs and they needed a custom bookcase and a custom entertainment wall.

Lucky for them, they only purchased the small bookcase, as when they saw what they were delivered and installed, they weren’t going back to that company for anything more.

Now the family looked a little further down the page to find C&L Design Specialists!

When they went to our web page and saw our work, in comparison to what they’d received, they were none too happy!

Not with us, but with the advertising company that sold them a supposed custom piece that most people wouldn’t put in a child’s room for a child to destroy.

When closet companies started off they sold, yep, closets, but when they found it was easy to turn a closet into what they deem, an entertainment center, well then, now they’re selling closet entertainment centers, and even closet offices.

And the sad part of this whole consumer education article, most who jump at the first company on a Google search will pay more money for their closet material prefab entertainment center, than they would have paid for a true custom woodworked addition to their home.

Somebody got it right when they said, “patience is a virtue”!