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Good news, C&L Custom Cabinetry is coming back.

Custom Cabinetry has been given a new lease on life. The wholesale prices are normalizing and delivery times a under 3 months.

I realize it has been a while since we’ve posted.

The pandemic hit this industry hard!

We’d been considering filling our last orders and retiring from this industry.

Our contract factories lost over 70% of their personnel to the unemployment money giveaway!

I had many calls from referral and repeat clients that I needed to turn away, as our factory’s lead-time went from 6 weeks to almost 6 months!

Clients that wanted anything other than Kitchens were never getting a callback from other woodworking companies that were able to survive.
C&L has always steered away from Kitchens, as that has become a prefab market, we’ve concentrated on completely custom Entertainment Centers, Home Bars, and Offices.

As our factories are getting back to a new normal, far from the norm of March 2020, C&L will start taking clients again.
Our order to installation is now 90 to 100 days, but that is better than the 182 1/2 days it has been.

PLEASE NOTE—We are scaling back and will be taking ONLY “three new orders” per month.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE—We *HAVE NOT* scaled down our quality, and prices are considerably higher.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you’re in the market for a completely cutom Office, Entertainment Center, or Home Bar, we’ll still give you a product you’ll be proud of, and will increaseyour homes value.

Custom built in bar cabinets
Real custom quality, will never come in a box.
C&L's Client home designing
Custom Cabinetry online designing through, C&L Design Specialists, Inc.

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