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Are You Ready for a Custom Home Bar?

Custom Home Bar in Redlands CA

Custom Home Bar | November 2016

“It turned out so beautiful!  Pictures just don’t do it justice”. Ted N in Redlands, CA

Well, we thought the photos turned out pretty great and we certainly enjoyed designing the bar to capture the modern ambiance they requested.

Envision your next in home gathering, as you serve guests from your private lounge or taproom. Instead of shuffling off to the kitchen to fill drink orders, you simply reach into the mini fridge. Friends and family sit comfortably surrounded by sparkling glassware, a beautiful bar counter, and maybe even a mounted television showing the must-see game. There’s plenty of room for everyone and Grandpa can still command his favorite easy chair in the living room!

Is a Custom Home Bar Affordable?

For less than the price of a pair of Jet Skis, C&L will collaborate in customizing that one place in your home, that area you’ve looked at for years trying to decide what to do, with a home bar. So instead of motorized depreciation, meaning those water-skiing paper weights in the garage, how about appreciation? You can bet that our exquisite custom cabinetry will add real value to your home!

At C&L Design Specialists, everything we do is custom. Projects are designed from scratch and built from the ground up. Our cabinetry is full face frame construction using hand-selected woods and finished to compliment your design. Nothing is prefabricated or imported. Our professional installation includes custom lighting packages and special hardware, such as foot rails.

Best of all, and unlike most home improvement projects which can linger for weeks, most of our installations are completed in one day!

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