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For years C&L has been helping to educate a client as to what they are paying for.

For a client to make the right choice for them, they must know the right questions to ask.

Let’s start with the basics, the materials. This is where we see the most confusion. Do you want a furniture piece or a closet piece as your entertainment center?

You will see advertising from cabinetry builders, and from closet companies.

From a custom woodworking cabinetry company you’ll recieve wood products, simple, right?

From a closet company you’ll receive a Melamine product, not so simple. What is *Melamine*? The meaning of MELAMINE is a white crystalline organic base C3H6N6 with a high melting point that is used especially in melamine resins. A plastic used chiefly for laminated coatings, made by copolymerizing melamine with formaldehyde.

If you need any more education contact C&L Design Specialists and we’ll make sure that you know what your money will be spent on!

When designing we look at the area completely, and design a unique custom piece to fit your area. The highest compliment we receive from a client is when they say, “it looks like it belonged there all along!”

As you’ve probably read over and over about us, we do not rush your design. We will revise your design until it’s perfect, not almost perfect, it’s PERFECT!

Having almost two decades in this industry you’d think we must have duplicated one design. “Only”, I repeat, “Only” if a client tells us that’s exactly what they want, otherwise, you’ll not see your custom entertainment center in another persons home.