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Over the past 20 years the custom home entertainment center has needed to evolve. It wasn’t that long ago that in order to have your own 50″ screen TV, the amount of space it took up in a room was crazy. So, home builders started installing a hole in a room’s wall. Sometimes referred to as an alcove, sometimes a Neche.

As quick as those TV’s arrived, they were gone.

The introduction of the thin screen TV had consumers that purchased those massive 50”, or 65”, or even 75” TV’s scrambling to sell theirs.

Now a thin screen 50” Plasma TV was only a mere $5000 to $10,000!

If fact, I remember the day in 2014 we went to measure an area for a gentleman who had just purchased an 80” LED TV, for the sale price of, $20,000.

And just a few years later we are seeing an 80” TV on sale for $699, or less.

C&L Design Specialists has designed, built, and installed a completely custom entertainment center for every size of a TV, from 13”, all the way to a staggering 90” LED TV.

Do we know what we’re doing, yes!

Are we experts at what we’re doing, yes!

Do we custom design an entertainment center to a home’s look, yes!

Do we use any prefab cabinets in our materials, no!

Do we offer a client anything less than the finest material and craftmanship, no!

Do we answer our phone when a client calls? You be the judge.

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