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As the recent past has dictated, a vast amount of those who have worked at an office have now begun working from home.

Those that have had a functional office at a jobsite now face the dilemma of using their kitchen catch-all desk, or the work center they bought for their son or daughter.

C&L has been designing and building custom home offices for two decades. So when we design a home office it is for a specific client with a specific need.

If you are use to slotted cubbies, legal files, triple monitors, or anything you’ve had that’s made your work-time more productive, C&L Design “Specialists” never steers you away from what’s important in you being successful.

What exactly does that last statement mean;

> Your C&L Custom Cabinetry will never have any part that has been prefabricated.

> C&L will design with you, not for you.

> C&L will not rush the designing process just to get the sale.

For almost two decades C&L Design Specialist has catered to our client. We know that that a client has a choice, so we will work for our client to help their choice become more clear.

Custom Home Office Cabinets
Rancho Mission Viejo Home Office

C&L Design Specialists

“The choice has never been clearer”


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