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Late in 2014 C&L came up with an idea, now the question is, “could C&L be the pioneer of Social Distancing?”

When we say, Free Social Distancing Offered at C&L, we’re just trying to help you understand. Free Online Cabinet Designing was created here for completely different reasons:

  •  Is there a way we can save on miles traveled to a client to give an estimate?
  • How can we give the client more quality time when meeting with them?
  • How can we help the client so they never have to rush home or be late for a homeowner meeting?

Those questions led to one answer, “bring the meeting with our client into the 21st century”!

Free Online Cabinet Designing!

It seemed easier said than done. This had been done for years in the business world, but to make this process easy for the average private homeowner took over a year of trial and error. C&L tried many online platforms, Log-Me-In, Webex, Skype, just to name a few. These were geared toward the business-to-business meeting, not toward the business-to-home computer meeting. On top of everything, the software we use using took up tremendous memory. Our computers crashed, computer screens froze, clients could not join the meeting because they’re search-engine blocked this from happening.

I can’t tell you how many times we almost threw in the towel!

Good news, persistence does pay off!

We finally found an online meeting platform that could be altered, but we’re going to keep this to ourselves! Our clients loved this new meeting! They rave about it on YELP, click here to read what they say- YELP

You can also go to our home page, scoll down a little to see a mini-movie we created in 2015 tell about this process- Click right here  “get me to C&L ‘s future of cabinet design movie”

To answer the question,” Could C&L be the pioneer of Social Distancing? In a word, yes!

Congratulations! Now here’s your exclusive invitation