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What a way to start a post, “how not to get fooled”.

For nearly two-decades C&L has been an advocate of educating the custom cabinetry client.

Let’s say someone handed you a piece of white melamine and a piece of paint grade maple, would you immediately be able to tell the difference? Most definitely.

Let’s say that same person handed you a small white melamine cabinet and a small white paint grade maple cabinet, would you still be able to tell the difference? Very few people that don’t do this for a living would be able to tell, why, because they’re both white cabinets.

Normally a company that’s selling you melamine cabinets will avoid telling you that your product is melamine. Why, because two of the main components in Melamine are, “Formaldehyde and Cyanide”. Shocked?

I’m sure that technology has made it safe, but still, who wants to hear those ingredients are in a product they use everyday.

So, in every estimate we send out we make sure that the consumer knows what to ask.

Buy whatever you choose, but know what you’re choosing.

The following is included with every C&L estimate:

Thank you for giving C&L the opportunity to design and estimate you home improvement project.

Please allow me to help you in the bidding process. If this is the design you truly love please do not let another company steer you away.

  • Apples to Apples. If another bidder attempts to change the design you love, 9 out of 10 times this is the sign of a prefab (warehouse cabinets) cabinet company, not custom.
  • QUALITY. A prefab company can legally use the term custom, simply by changing a door.
  • C&L CONSTRUCTS FROM AMERICAN/CANADIAN WOODS, and never from low-quality overseas suppliers. These companies are a profitable alternative for some cabinet companies. Not for C&L. There may not be a visual difference in the beginning, but within months this  changing in the paint colors, warpage on shelving, and cracking in the paint/finish exterior at cabinet joints.
  • PRICING. C&L does not play pricing games, once a contract is signed you’ll never receive a call asking for more money.

Remember, the main thing you look for in a home improvement, is a home improvement.

Choosing the quality in C&L’s Completely Custom-Crafted Cabinetry will most definitely improve your home!