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Although it’s summer year-round in SoCal, there is still time to have a custom home bar installed in time for Labor Day!

For the past decade C&L has focused on being #1 for the home bar industry in Southern California. Prior to Covid we averaged 28 home bar installations per year.

The coolest thing about a C&L home bar is, we design them as part of your home, and with your home’s decor in mind. In other words, we’re not going to install kitchen cabinets as a home bar for you. Let’s say you just returned from the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, and you loved their bar, well, we can design a scaled down version just for your home. Or maybe you just returned from Bora Bora, and that Black Pearl necklace didn’t break the bank, you’d be surprised how affordable a custom home bar home improvement can be!

And with C&L’s exceptional quality you can be assured that when you’re ready to leave that two-story home staircase behind for a ranch style home, C&L’s custom home bar quality will bring you the home improvement dollars you expect, and it’s proven that a custom home bar can help to sell a home!

Officers in all areas of law enforcement have a C&L custom home bar. Sherriff’s, CHP, and City Police personnel. Even US Marshalls’, Secret Service, Swat, Homeland Security, and Border Patrol personnel have had a custom C&L home bar built for them. Hundred’s of Firefighters from all over Southern California have loved what we do. We’ve even been toasted by a Battalion leader’s family and guests from Eastvale!

C&L Design Specialists is the Southern California Leader for Custom Home Bar Designs, for Custom Home Bar Installations, and for Custom Home Bar Quality, *BAR NONE*!

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A toast to C&L from our clients in Eastvale California.