Time to Upgrade the Most Watched Wall in your Home?

So, you’ve got the flat screen and all the latest components, but what are you going to put them on? That old TV stand? That old hand-me-down credenza or coffee table? Maybe it’s time to upgrade the most watched wall in your home with a television media center!!!

C&L Design Specialists will transform your wall, alcove, or niche with fully custom made cabinets to compliment your home. Our cabinetry adds function beautifully crafted into form that speaks to your individual tastes. We have thousands of hours of design experience and take pride in our ability to collaborate with the client’s vision. There is nothing ‘standard’ at C&L, because all of our designs are unique to each home. What they do share is the same excellent quality.

Give your Flat Screen a Custom Cabinet home

While current component technology is getting smaller, flat screen televisions are getting larger, and speakers are changing shapes almost daily! This is no problem for C&L, since none of our cabinetry is pre-fabricated. With a custom design by C&L, you can hide speakers and sound bars behind mesh built right into the door face. Television displays can be free-standing, placed on mounting boards, or attached to articulating arms for increased viewing angles. And DVDs and CDs can be safely stored out of sight. Now you have room to decorate, since everything else has a home.

C& L Design Specialists offers custom designs, custom built cabinetry, and professional installations for homeowners and businesses throughout Southern California. Visit our website gallery for a full array of photos – Click>>HERE<<.  And don’t forget to check out our 5-Star ratings and reviews Click>>Yelp!<<

Here are just a couple of examples of recent installations.

television media center

White Laquer Media Niche | Eastvale, CA

Television Media Center

Built In Media Center | Dove Canyon