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Installed 2/3/18
So this review has been long overdue so I would like to apologize to Craig and his crew. I’ve never written a review before but I felt that I owe them this one because of the awesome service they provided. We were looking to have a custom built study desk and cabinets for my wife who is taking up nursing. I found out about C & L on Yelp which I really do not use very often but since we are new to the area, I figured I’d give Yelp a shot. They were one of five companies that I contacted. Of the five companies, two responded and schedule to do some measurements. Of the two, one actually took me seriously from start to finish, and that was Craig. To say that Craig is amazing with what he does is an understatement. I was a little skeptical about his virtual meetings but after doing our first session, I actually understood the method to his madness. We accomplished so much and it actually felt that I designed the furniture. Craig was very patient, attentive to our inputs and the attention to every detail of his work is very noticeable which in my opinion sets C & L apart from other companies. I remember coming home late in the evening after being away for two weeks, a couple of days after the installation was completed, and my wife welcomed me with a smile from ear to ear. She lead me straight to the study room and gave me a “tour” of the newly installed cabinets and study desk. Needless to say, she loved everything about it! There was one thing that did not make it during the installation. But once I brought it to Craig’s attention, he immediately worked to resolve the issue and had it installed. Not a single if, and, or but from him. Just a genuinely nice guy who is running a honest business. The best thing about C & L is there is no project too big nor too small for them. I was expecting to take a loan for this project but once Craig gave me the quote, we were able to add a few more items and features to the project since he quoted us under our budget. As far as quality goes, everything is made of real wood, not the particle board stuff. I’ve just recently returned from a seven month deployment expecting some wear and tear on the cabinets and desk from the two toddlers we have running around the house, but they look like they were installed yesterday. I’m convinced that the desk and cabinets will stay with the house for generations. We have a few other projects that we want to do around the house, it’s pretty safe to say that C & L will have our business from now on.