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What can be done about the high cost of custom cabinetry materials? NOTHING!
Unfortunately, as a custom cabinetry designer and builder, we don’t set the price of wholesale materials, and as much as we complain nothing is ever done.
Sometimes, building from the highest quality materials is not a blessing, but until our client wants to step away from a quality product, we’re stuck with what the wholesale material companies set the prices at.
But, what C&L can do, and has been doing for years is eliminate the cost associated with the bidding process.
Let us break those costs down for you.

Cost- initial drive to a clients home.
No cost- having a client send us pictures and the dimensions for the area.

Cost- Preparing a design for a client and driving it back to their home with an estimate.
No cost- Having a client join one of our design/engineers in an “online design meeting”.

Cost- Revisions to a design, and returning for a 3rd, or 4th time to a client.
No cost- Finishing up the revisions in a second online design meeting and giving the client an accurate estimate.

We add nothing for the cost to a client of this process, but other companies that come to the home, well, those costs need to come from somewhere.

C&L Pioneered the online design method in 2014, and it still works today!  

Here’s how it works!

All you need is a computer